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On April 7, 2017, two Camp Pendleton Marines were charged with an association with the scandalous and disgraceful website “Marines United.” Over 55,000 images were stored on the website, and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) any possible victim to come forward.

What is “Marines United?”

“Marines United” was a private invite-only Facebook Page created in 2015, that contained over 55,000 photos of women either nude or scantily clad. Many of the pictures are revenge porn photos and videos posted by primarily Marines without the woman’s consent. Many other photos and videos are of female Marines who are unknowingly recorded in their barracks or while they were deployed. While the site is now shut down, over 750 Marines are now facing court martials, depending on their degree of involvement in the website.

What Can You Do?   

If you are a female active duty or veteran (especially Marines), and you think that there could be a photo or video of you that could date back as far as 2001, then you should contact the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) at (910) 451- 8071. Tell the Special Agent who answers that you would like to find out if your photo could have been one of the 55,000 pictures stored on the website.

What Will Happen?

After contacting NCIS, they will ask you the location and situation where you think you might have been photographed. Also, if you have suspicions that an ex posted intimate photos as a form of revenge porn, NCIS will ask what is the name of the military personnel.

If there is not a military base close to your home, two NCIS agents (at least one female) can meet you at your home. They will take photos of their facial recognition, as well as take pictures of any tattoos or other markings that could be helped to identify if your photo was posted to the website.  NCIS will ask if you could e-mail them pictures of you from the time that you think the photo or video was taken. Keep in mind also, the conversation will be recorded.  

It can take many weeks for the NCIS agents to discover if your photo or a video was on the website. After that, if you were over the age of 18 when the photo was taken, you can decide if you want to pursue any legal or civil charges.

Even if you think it is remotely possible that your photo could have been on the “Marines United” website, NCIS is asking for any potential victim to come forward.




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