This is my new website and blog and I want you to know that I am glad you stopped by. I want to create a community of other female combat veterans in order to support and encourage each other, because we are unique. Others who have never returned fire, or see the best-friend die, can know the hardships we are forced to endure; we all have our own story, and we can choose to tell it or not.

This blog is about open and honest communication with other female veterans who have returned fire, and earned the nickname we are proud to have earned, Lioness. We have fought the good fight, served with honor and distinction, but are barely recognized or heard by the military or the VA. Well, we shall not be silenced anymore, and we demand recognition for our sacrifices, and proper physical and mental health care which the males get so easily, all because we could not receive the medals as males, doing the same job and firing rounds down range just the same.

Thankfully, on April 1, 2017 (and it did not turn out to be an April Fool’s joke), female warriors, lionesses, are able to legally see combat, and earn they can receive the medals and ribbons which will enable them to receive proper care when they leave the service.

The first female American Soldier,  Deborah Sampson Gannon in 1782 and enlisted under the name of her deceased brother. She fought in the Revolutionary war, and was wounded twice. The military and VA have for the past 235 years of injustice.

Please, tell your story if you are so  inclined. If not, you are equally welcome to read the inspirations and stories of others.

Keep Fighting Lionesses,

The Unsilenced Warrior


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