Because honesty is so important when dealing with sensitive matters, I must disclose that my name is not Alli Rose; it is the pen name that I use when speaking about my ordeal in Iraq. Even though I am anonymous, I am unsilenced. Too many of us have stories that can make any military person cry, or give faith in the cause of why we fight for our country, and our fellow troops. I want to hear your stories; they matter.
What shaped me into the person I am today is being a mother and a Marine. While educated now, I was an enlisted Corporal in the Marine Corps. I was a 3531 motor transport operator; primarily, I drove the big trucks. I also was a chaser and worked checkpoints and went out on patrol. Sadly, my 7-ton hit an IED, and now I have a traumatic brain injury, seizures, and combat PTSD.
I am glad that I am in the position that I am right now. I have  I am able to know and experience the hardships of deploying to Iraq at the beginning of the war, while also being educated in psychology. I have a BS In Social Psychology, an MA in Behavioral Medicine, and soon, an MA in professional writing. However, I expect to learn more from you that you from me.  My goal here is to help other female combatants spread their story, or be inspired by others.
Even though I had professionally written for Yahoo previously (and also used a pen name), this is my first time being interactive with the audience. The audience is all of us, including me. I hope you forgive me if I might not update every once in a while, my current health and family issues is aggravating my PTSD. Yet, we live to fight another day. We are women who survived war; nothing can stop us, and that includes sharing our stories.
-Alli Rose, The Unsilenced Warrior